Frequently Asked Questions

Because we require so much information, income verifications, etc. from applicants, and we need the application fee(s) and partial deposit, it is not possible to apply on-line.
Each community has its own phone number and email address. Either form of communication is fine.
At Northstar Residential, we require two full and complete calendar months’ written notice when a current resident wishes to move.
None of Northstar Residential’s properties keep waiting lists. It is best to check with the property in which you want to live toward the end of each month. Applications are taken on a first come, first served basis.
We require all prospective renters to supply a photo I.D. if they want to take a tour of one of our communities.

Yes, there is.  In order to qualify for a home at one of our properties, you must make 2.5 times the monthly rent.   An example of this calculation would be as follows:

Assume the rent is $1025 a month.  To determine if you qualify, you would multiply the rent by 2.5 ($1025 x 2.5 = $2562.50). This is how much you need to earn monthly to qualify.  In this example, to determine gross annual based on the 2.5 times rule, you would multiply $2562.50 x 12 months to get $30,750.  Therefore, you must earn,  AT A MINIMUM, $30,750 annually to qualify.

While most of the communities that Northstar Residential manages are considered “affordable” housing, none of the communities are Subsidized. Subsidized housing is specifically where the rent is based on a resident’s income.
The Section 42 Tax Credit Program is a program for individuals and households making moderate or lower incomes. Income limits are published each year and applicant’s income cannot exceed the income limit for their household size. Usually, the rents in Section 42 communities are lower than market rate communities. See the manager for more details.
Most of the communities accept the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher. There may be some homes scattered throughout the communities where the rent is too high for the voucher but most rents are in line with the program.
Along with a photo I.D., it is helpful if applicants bring copies of paystubs and/or any other income documentation. There is also an application fee of $45 per adult and part of the security deposit that is due at the time of application.
We look at applicant’s credit, criminal background, landlord reference and whether or not any unlawful detainer eviction actions have been filed.
Rent is due on or before the first day of each month but there is a five day grace period. After 4 p.m. on the fifth of the month, rent is considered late and there is an 8% late fee added to the ledger. If residents are going to be late paying rent, communication with the property manager is key. Northstar Residential offers residents payment arrangements for late rent. See the property manager for specific details about the payment arrangement.
At present, we do not have an online payments portal. If you want to pay using PayPal, there is a $30 charge to do this. Contact the property manager if this is an option you’d like to take advantage of.
At move-in, the lease that is signed is for 12 months. After the first 12 month period, leases are renewed for subsequent 12 month periods. If a shorter-term lease is requested after the first 12 month period, there has to be a specific reason (buying a house or job transfer for example)
If you have a  maintenance request, we ask that you email the property.
Northstar Residential has a staff of maintenance people who rotate on-call and handle after office hours emergency calls. The emergency maintenance phone number is (612) 568-0118.
Because most Northstar Residential communities have multiple layers of financing, multiple investors, and must adhere to the tax credit program, many different agencies/companies want to ensure that the buildings and homes are being well maintained and cared for as do the cities in which the properties are located. We try to combine as many inspections as possible, but this isn’t always possible.
Residents may not make any structural changes to the home, change the locks or add any locks. If residents want to paint the walls, written permission must be granted ahead of time by the property manager and a separate extra deposit needs to be paid. The deposit is used to bring the home back to original once the resident moves out.
All applicants are asked to review the Resident Screening Criteria and sign the release form.